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Borgata Preit 33 - 12020 Canosio (CN) - Valle Maira - Piemonte - Italy


Ski touring season 2020

February and march: the actual ski touring paradise offers you uncountable possibilities (18 tours from Preit in all directions, and over 110 in the valley: in all directions, from Preit you can ski even if the snow or weather conditions are difficult). Professional guides are available as well as discounts for your guides starting from just 5 clients. Prices for individuals and groups are available upon request. Weekly package holidays at a reduced rate. Snowshoes can be hired to spend a day on untouched snowfields…. . unwinding is possible... We hire snowshoes even if you are not a hotel client. Ski and snowshoe room. Recommended Itineraries according to weather conditions. Maps and books by Bruno Rosano are for sale if you wish to have a truly professional recommendation. Winter stays: minimum 2 nights, apart from weekends.