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Borgata Preit 33 - 12020 Canosio (CN) - Valle Maira - Piemonte - Italy

Passion for cooking

Passion for cooking

Our restaurant has kept the previous name of Mascha Parpaja, the good butterfly witch. You can ask Jennie for the legend behind the name…

Our cooking is authentic and simple life of Piedmontese people. One of the things you cannot tamper with in Italy are grandmother’s recipes. Cooking is the only way we know to bring the best of the past into the future. So most recipes come from Jennie’s family, combining recollections, tradition and innovation by making old dishes lighter and more acceptable to today’s palate. Jennie’s research for balance in the menu includes fresh homemade pasta, gnocchi, Piedmontese veal, vegetarian and vegan dishes, simple ingredients focusing on the client’s wellbeing. Whenever possible, local produce is used to offer Occitan and Piedmontese specialities accompanied by a rich wine list, mostly from Piedmont, but also with a few bottles from Valle d’Aosta, Prosecco and Refosco from a Veneto family production, and a few labels from Southern Italy. Wines from mountain and hill areas, the Langhe, the Monferrato and even a few foreign wines. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our small wooden platforms in the green, maybe a smoothie or a cocktail wisely prepared by a member of our team. And last but not least, if you like ales and beers, try a draught glass of local Anima ales.

We offer afternoon teas for hens (no stags though) together with a massage or a wellness experience or you can just read a book immersed in the concert of the birds and marmots singing around the village. We offer the right stage for yoga meetings, traditional music events, Occitan, Irish and Scottish country dancing workshops and cooperate with charities for collecting funds through special meetings and weeks.


POSTO TAPPA: one-night hostel solution with dinner, bed and breakfast in small room for two or larger rooms up to 6 beds according to availability. No towels or sheets: you will need a sleeping bag, but the beds are equally comfortable. Price: 56 Euros. It can be reserved up to one day before by mail or WhatsApp.