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Borgata Preit 33 - 12020 Canosio (CN) - Valle Maira - Piemonte - Italy


The Activities

Food lover, relaxation fan, wine savvy or sports guru? The Maira offers everyone a chance to enjoy themselves. For those who are crazy about mtb, trekking or climbing the valley has a lot to offer. From Preit you can walk to La Meja and its ways, you can hike to the Gardetta plateau without worrying about shuttle services, and if you have rented or own an e-bike you can recharge it here for free and store it away.

We offer a small maintenance workshop, a washing point, laundry service and e-bike rental is only 3 km away. If trekking is your favourite activity then you can walk on the Occitan paths, go up to Lago Nero, take a quick swim in the lake or unwind near the waterfall of Pis del Passèt, which is a must for walkers.

You can discover new routes, like the Andreis path, or take an easy tour of the architectural site of Ubac di Canosio, or of the hamlets and churches of Marmora.

You can go fishing or birdwatching along the Preit stream. You might even be able to spot a bearded vulture.

By no means you can leave without visiting the plateau of Gardetta, Italian geologic patrimony an actual natural treasure, protected with limited motorized access in the summer, with a unique flora, among junipers and rhododendrons, aroma of thyme, alpine stars and gentians, endemic rarities, like fritillaria and Berardia subacaulis, and with a rich fauna, among which marmotte, deer, red deer, chamois, ibex and even rare green lizards and black and yellow salamanders as well as an incredible variety of birds. Eagles can be spotted too.

At an altitude, among fossils and prehistoric rocks the expert naturalist Enrico Collo organizes daily trips to see the prints of the Triassic dinosaur (Ticinosuchus ferox), a small museum of which can be visited in Canosio. Why not a short cooking course? Or information about the fascinating, mysterious Occitan and Piedmontese history? Ask Beppe and he will entertain you for as long as you wish, happy to share his passion with you, to help you discover so many things, almost like sitting by the fireplace and listening to a fairy tale. Stories of treasons, wars, myths and witches… something to do even if it happens to be raining. In winter we welcome singles, couples or small groups of ski touring and snow shoeing enthusiasts. Wellness area and ski room available. We also offer special discounts for guides and all inclusive rates with picnic, stay and guide if you haven’t got one.


POSTO TAPPA: one-night hostel solution with dinner, bed and breakfast in small room for two or larger rooms up to 6 beds according to availability. No towels or sheets: you will need a sleeping bag, but the beds are equally comfortable. Price: 56 Euros. It can be reserved up to one day before by mail or WhatsApp.